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So here we have Frank Cascio’s impeccably clean Nissan 370z! As you can see from the pictures below this thing is serious. That being said, the 370z means business as soon as it rolls out of the factory. It’s like someone with an inferiority complex leaving a bar at 3am; it’s ready to fight any one. Around 330 Japanese horses of JDM goodness gallop through the crankshaft, the V6 having to move only 1,524kg. All of this means that the 370z fly’s to 62mph/100kmh in 5.5 seconds! You often hear you can’t improve on perfection, this is moving proof you can.

Now on to what has been done, and we will start with the exterior modifications. This 370 is wearing a full Powerhouse ‘Amuse’ Body Kit with Carbonsignal V2 fenders all draped in Arlon Midnight Purple vinyl wrap. Covering the powerplant is a Vis AMS Hood, it peeping with Retrofitted Headlights. Now on to the wheels. These beauties are Work Gnosis GS-2′s in Matte Bronze ( 20×9.5+5 20×11+0). Work Wheels being infamous for their wide range of incredible looking car circles, it’s not hard to see why they were chosen for this build.

Performance! This car doesn’t need much to make it wheel spin and take off down the road, much like some Police Officers when they hear about peaceful protesters that need peacefully pepper spraying in the face. That being said some subtle changes can give it an edge and add to the already impressive figures. Allowing the car to breathe easier is a Stillen Gen 3 Ultra Long Intake, after this fresh air is mixed with petrol and compressed it’s ushered down the Fast Intentions 12″ resonated Exhaust and the shouted at by Greenpeace. Keeping the car flat in the corners are the BC Racing Coilovers, accompanied by UAS Bags and Accuair e-level management.

Now we go into the cockpit, don’t look so worried you’re still on a car blog. Whilst piloting this monster Frank sits in some Takata Drift Pro LE Seats with a full Carbon back and double diamond stitching, fed through that and keeping him in place is a Takata 4 point harness. Sitting behind the seats is GT Spec 4 point rear bracing which helps stiffen up the chassis.

Franks Nissan 370z really is an example of what you can do with the z platform and the fact he has NEVER taken it to a shop to fit any parts, doing all the work himself, makes this build so much more appealing. Massive thank you to Frank for letting us feature his amazing 370, and giving us all those great photos.

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